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You Can Do Anything with Duct Tape!


That is the way we do business at Duct Tape Engineering.  As a custom design and manufacturing house, we take your requirements and create a design which we then supply to you as an “Off-the-Shelf” product.

Experience has shown that most small to mid-size companies simply don’t have the resources to staff a full engineering and manufacturing division.

So many companies get stuck in the rut of being a life-support system for their engineering group or, worse yet, get lost in an endless cycle of design and redesign without ever getting to market. 

With Duct Tape Engineering, you can eliminate these distractions and focus on what you do best.  Finally, you can get your products to market and spend your time making money rather than making excuses.

Our Products

Stepper Motors
Stepper Motor Controller Boards
LVDS to VGA Interface Boards
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The New Shirts Are In!

Shirts are In!


The New Shirts Are In!

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